some links

general info and the 411 on donating online

RUF at UConn

University of Connecticut

University of California, Santa Barbara

my alma mater, and it just feels wrong to have UConn up there and not UCSB. plus I think there’s a beautiful photo on the homepage to make you jealous :).

Guerilla Radio (for the philosophy aficionado in all of us)

The History News Network

Presbyterian Church of Coventry
…where you’ll find me on Sundays

Christ Presbyterian Church, Santa Barbara
…some more people I like

International Justice Mission

Ransom Fellowship

Westminster Seminary’s Bookstore

Official Scrabble Dictionary!

The New Yorker
…I wish I lived in New York but I guess I’m close enough

Health Magazine

Red Mountain Music

Tim Keller Resources

Take my classes! at the Mansfield Community Center

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