Posted by: jennyo | December 2, 2009

It’s been a while!

Where did I go?  Well, I’ve been settling in with Joel, continuing to straighten up our new abode, taking pottery classes, teaching kickboxing, crawling- then walking- then running- around with two one year olds …and learning many new things about myself.  After 4 months of marriage, I have become very thankful that God has provided this time to get my bearings in Chicago.  It’s been an opportunity to make new friends and regroup for my next step, post wedding-planning frenzy.  It has also been a time of adjusting (gleefully so) to a close distance relationship with my husband- who, with his new job, now gets home in time for dinner every night!

I have been thinking and praying about what to do next.  I am very hopeful about having an opportunity to be on staff with RUF at some point in the future, when our plans place us in the right geographical location.  At the same time, I am trying to mobilize wise decision making skills and think about what I would do were that not the case, either temporarily or for a long period of time (like right now, for example).  What could I do that would recruit that same skill set and passion from me that would be more widely marketable?  As a result, I have decided to do some research on Masters in Social Work and Masters in Counseling programs in Chicago.  With Joel’s new job, we are thinking we will be here for at least a couple more years… so I might as well take the opportunity while he is working to go to school, right?  Turns out MSW programs are SUPER flexible and broad… you can basically do anything pertaining to non-profit management or direct client care, depending on how you shape your internship experience.  The internship experience in and of itself is very appealing to me, as it would give me the chance to explore working with different populations (other than college students) and in various types of nonprofits.

Meanwhile, I am thinking about taking a few counseling classes from Westminster Seminary through distance education and enriching my knowledge base and methodology from a Biblical perspective that way.  I will have to be self- motivated in order to accomplish this but I think it may be a better strategy than simply getting the MA in Counseling and being more narrowly qualified simply to working one on one with clients in a mental health setting.  The trick is getting this one on one client care training while being widely trained… Of course the trick is also getting admitted to a program :).



  1. Certainly, couldnt agree more! Appreciate you posting this

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