Posted by: jennyo | September 11, 2006

God and Man at Table Are Sat Down

The aforementioned hymn 🙂 –

O, welcome all ye noble saints of old,
As now before your very eyes unfold
The wonders all so long ago foretold,
God and man at table are sat down,
God and man at table are sat down

Elders, martyrs, all are falling down,
Prophets, patriarchs are gathering ‘round
What angels longed to see now man has found,
God and man at table are sat down,
God and man at table are sat down

Who is this who spreads the victory feast?
Who is this who makes our warring cease?
Jesus, risen savior, prince of peace,
God and man at table are sat down,
God and man at table are sat down

Beggars, lame, and harlots also here,
Repentant publicans are drawing near,
Wayward sons come home without a fear,
God and man at table are sat down,
God and man at table are sat down



  1. I am searching for ANY artist who recorded the hymn, “God and Man at Table Are Sat Down.” I know Travis Cottrell recorded it on a CD, but I searched Limewire and can’t find it anywhere with any search combination. Is there anyone else who might have recorded that song that you might know of?
    Thanks so much.
    (I really like the song, would like to download it.)

    • becky, go to the blog and ck out the new verse i wrote to ‘god and man at table’ in 1980. a baptist (beth moore) or a roman catholic (jn paul II) could/did sing it. i wrote it with that in mind. you’ll like it. r j stamps

      • Hi Brother Bob!! Probably don’t remember me from ORU….You led me to the Lord along with Tom Ivy and Eddie Taylor.. I have this song on a record and listen to it frequently….It would be great to hear from you! Ken Smith class of (74)

      • I would like to sing this at church as a solo or duet with another voice. Where can I find the information on copyright and to whom I need to send a payment for performing this in church? We’d like to do it in next few weeks sometime.

      • How can I get the copyrights to play your song at church?

    • I have an iPhone copy, very nice really, of David Stearman in 2012 while ministering at Asbury in Kentucky, its on my tablet.

  2. try

    Beth Moore from Beloved Discpiple CD

  3. Cynthia Clawson recorded it-one of the most awesome song voices today in Christendom. I hope you can find her version of it. I live now in Japan and a lot of my household goods are still in the states. If I come across it I will get back to you.
    DeEtte Hassen

  4. I believe it was Craig Smith who first wrote and recorded it back around 1979-1980. I saw him perform it at the church I attended, and he said it was on his first album.

    • I remember Dr. Stamps (Brother Bob) teaching this song to the assembled crowd at a Sunday evening vespers service at ORU in 1972!

  5. This song was actually written by Dr Robert Stamps, United Methodist Minister retired, who studied for his PHD at a UK Anglican Seminary where I met him – great song!


    I found a recording of this song at the above page.
    It is a beautiful rendition by a female vocalist.
    ps thanks for the lyrics jennyo

  7. The only place I have found it is this website. You can listen to the entire song, but you can’t download the it. You can only purchase the CD and have it shipped. It’s on the “Beloved Deciple – Music CD”. The person singing the song on the CD is fantastic! Totally worth it! However, Travis Cottrell is the arranger, not the writer.
    Here’s the web address:

  8. Michelle Swift is the girl that sings the Beth Moore version.

  9. Just thougth I’d add another verse for you:

    When at last this earth shall pass away,
    When Jesus and his bride are one to stay,
    The feast of love is just begun that day,
    God and man at table are sat down,
    God and man at table are sat down.

  10. Oops, I forgot one! I think this comes before the other one I posted:

    Worship in the presence of the Lord,
    With joyful songs and hearts in one accord.
    Let our host at table be adored.
    God and man at table are sat down.
    God and man at table are sat down.

  11. I searched iTunes and found it there. $.99 to download – DEAL!

  12. My wife and I found this song in a chorus book several years ago, but have since misplaced the book. We love the song and would like to introduce it to our current congregation. I would like to find a music score, preferably for piano.

    • Hi Steven,
      Try this website:, where you can preview the melody line and lyrics and purchase a pdf. In that version however, it’s called “In christ there is a table set for all”. Search for this title on the website and you’ll find it.

  13. David Stearman composed God and Man at Table Are Sat Down, while a student at Oral Roberts University in the early 1970s (perhaps in 1971).

    Brother Bob (Bob Stamps, ORU’s campus chaplain at the time) wrote at least some of the lyrics; David may have contributed some as well.

    I remember singing this wonderful song during Sunday evening Vespers services, held in the campus cafeteria.

  14. My father Dr. Robert J. Stamps wrote and composed this song during his time as chaplain at ORU. Along with the assistance of David Stearman who wrote down the music to dads tune on paper and also improved it.David may have helped imrove the lyrics as well but really I don’t know. Recently found out that the song was a favorite of the late Pope John Paul and was sung during at least one papel mass. Later.

  15. i did write the words and music of the song, but david stearman enhanced my tune significantly/beautifully. it was written in 1972, first published by the ‘word of god’ roman catholic community, u of MI. here is a specifically eucharistic verse i wrote in 1980: ‘here he gives himself to us as bread; here, as wine, we drink the blood he shed. born to die, we eat and live instead, god and man at table are sat down.’ the hymn is included in the roman catholic ‘gather’ hymnal as ‘in christ there is a table set for all.’ again, david stearman and i collaborated to find a more gender appropriate title. may god bless the hymn’s singing til ‘at last this earth shall pass away.’

    • Hallo ……

      I got to know the song during my time with the “Mother of God” Community in
      Maryland 1979.
      Now I have a wonderful choir here in Germany and I would like it very, very much to sing this Song with my choir in our messes.
      But I cannot find a music notation for a choir (S/A/T/B).
      Can somebody help us ???

      with kind regards

    • Rev. Stamps: We are doing a Lord’s Supper re-enactment and would like to use your song “God and Man at Table are Sat Down.” I note that you said it was in the Gather hymnal as “In Christ there Is a Table Set for All.” (July 12, 2010) Are there any other available published versions we could purchase.

      Thank you.

      Tom Edmonds
      Minister of Music and Worship
      First United Methodist Church
      Bossier City, LA

    • I first heard your work on a cassette recording by these spirit-filled catholic brethren–I had several of their recordings and I would like to know if they are still available? Do you know?

      Dave Johnson
      City Harvest Church
      Vancouver, WA

    • I love this interactive conversation with you, Mr. Stamps, and your son and others. I would love to perform this at church. Please let me know where I need to send a royalty check for one performance or two if I can afford it. How much, and to whom the check should be. Our church has several licenses. Is this included in any of the main licenses for performing and printing music in church services? Eager to hear from you. Thank you and God Bless!

  16. […] was reminded this morning of an old song I learned years ago: God and Man at Table are Sat Down.  I was reading Exodus 18 and ran across this phrase (verse 12) “And Aaron came with all the […]

  17. Bob,
    I was looking for this song, in order to use it for Sunday, serendipitously finding your comments in the thread.
    I wonder if you remember my mother, Joan Eaton, who was working in the ORU library while you were there. My father, too, who was the Episcopal chaplain to the various hospitals in Tulsa, especially for those coming to the hospitals from out of town.

    Rob Eaton

  18. I listened to this wonderfull song on an album in the maybe Mid 70’s. I wore it out, but I cannot remember what album. I would like to find it. It had a lot of good songs on it besides God and Man. Does anyone know

  19. Dear Rev. Stamps: I know this is a longshot to possibly get a reply from you, but let me venture a question: I have always wondered about the meaning of one of the lines in the song (which by the way, is one of my favorite worship songs): “Elders, martyrs, all are falling down”. The best explanation I could come up with is that you meant that elders, and martyrs are all coming down in spirit to join the feast. But I’m not very satisfied with the explanation. My understanding is that the saints in the past would only join together on that final day when Jesus joins with his Bride. But if that’s the case, why would elders and martyrs be “falling down”? They could not have come from higher place than heaven, could they? Besides, the word “falling” is also puzzling.

    Please, please don’t take my question as being suggesting any hint of criticism. I do sincerely wanted to know better about that particular line in my favorite worship song.

    • I think the Lord gave me a better understanding (though I’m still not sure if I got all the answers) of this. I think “Elders, martyrs, all are falling down” refers to elders falling down to worship God who sat on the throne (e.g., Revelation 19:4). This seems to make more sense to me.

  20. Craig Smith in the 80s…wow, what a rendition…available MP3 here:

    hope this helps

  21. Dear Rev. Robert Stamps,
    I came to know about your song through an article by the late Rev. Michael Harper. Later I got the music score and lyrics from Jeanne Harper. It’s a great song and I thoroughly love it. I teach theology in Singapore. I’ve since introduced it to many of my students.

  22. Dr. Stamps your song bless me. God bless you!

  23. Dr. Stamps your song blesses me. God bless you!

  24. Greatly used in the uniting Presbyterians congregations I pastored before retirement. Always much appreciated as a pre communion song. James Elias

  25. Bro. Bob. Even printing your name brings peace to my spirit and a smile to my face. I loved hearing Dave Stearman sing your song back at ORU. I love this song. And I loved your ministry at ORU. Debbie Dieball ’74

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